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Chadley McKnife - Multimedia artist & writer - He/It/They/She

I'm Chadley, a 19 year old writer, artist, and future corpse from the US! I have been drawing and telling stories my entire life, and have been studying visual storytelling seriously on my own since the start of my teen years. I'm interested in all aspects of storytelling, how to do it, and how it functions as a part of a culture. I've been doing my current webcomic, Life After Earth, since around 2018 (preperation and writing began in 2018, and I began uploading actual pages online in 2020).

I write, draw, sew, paint, and I do animation and videos when I have the time. I also occasionally dabble in other artistic mediums. My writing is primarily science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and I write both prose and comic scripts. My work tends to contain LGBT representaion, depictions of mental illness, and a healthy amount of body horror!

Languages: Currently know: English (native language) - Currently learning: Esperanto + trying to learn a functional amount of English Sign Language and American Sign Language

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Disclaimer: Much of my work contains gore, nudity, and/or disturbing themes. My written works have individual content warnings, but my other art does not. Versions of my other art with warnings for most of potentially triggering content can be found on Instagram, though some images with blood do not have a warning.


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Ongoing/Current Projects

Life After Earth (webcomic)

Life After Earth is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi webcomic which follows the adventures of two kids trying to figure out what happens next after surviving an alien invasion. It is a story about grief, growing up, and the end of the world.
PG-13 Contains: A few scenes of graphic violence, some mild swearing, intense themes, and discussions of homophobia.
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Webseries Content Warnings (blog)

Content guides for webseries, webcomics, and other niche or indie works that are harder to find content guides to.
Disclaimer: My content guides do not necessarily mean that I condone/support any of these works or their creators. They are for informative purposes only.
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