Chadley McKnife - He/It/They/She

𐡷 You will live to see technomagical horrors beyond your comprehension. 𐡸

I'm Chadley, an autistic transgender man from the United States! I am an artist and a writer. I have been drawing and telling stories my entire life, and have been studying visual storytelling seriously on my own for about 5 or so years. I've been doing my current webcomic, Life After Earth, for around 4 years (2 years of writing and prep, 2 years of drawing).

I write, draw, sew, paint, and I do animation and videos when I have the time. I also occasionally dabble in other artistic mediums. My writing is primarily scifi, fantasy, and horror, and I write both prose and scripts. A lot of my work contains themes of mental health and anti-authoritarianism, as well as a healthy amount of body horror!

Languages: Currently know: English (native language) - Currently learning: Esperanto + a functional amount of English Sign Language and American Sign Language

Contact me: (Yes, I made that email when I was 13. I've gotten attached to it XD)

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Digital Art - Traditional Art - Textile Art & Fashion - Writing - Videos

Ongoing Projects

Life After Earth (webcomic)

Life After Earth is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi webcomic which follows the adventures of two kids trying to figure out what happens next after surviving an alien invasion. It is a story about grief, growing up, and the end of the world. - PG-13 Contains: A few scenes of graphic violence, some mild swearing, and implied internalized heterosexism. - Read it on Tumblr

Webseries Content Warnings (blog)

Content guides for webseries, webcomics, and other niche or indie works that are harder to find content guides to. - DISCLAIMER My content guides do not mean that I condone any of the works or their creators. I simply want to warn others about triggering content. - Read it on Tumblr